The Home Buying Process

When you finally make the decision to purchase a home, the next important decision is to find a Realtor®.  One who has the time to provide a thorough review of your wants and needs, and develop a plan to find exactly what you are looking for.


During an initial consultation, I will ask questions and listen carefully to your responses to help determine your specific needs for a home.  I'll use that information to develop your search criteria.  Using a state-of-the-art listing alert and home search program, I’ll set you up with a search that emails to you the homes that best match your wants and needs.

After the initial consultation, I can provide you with a local mortgage lender. There are lenders that specialize in FHA, VA, or other specialty loans, and there are also lenders that have better rates and terms with their loans. I will assist in getting you in touch with the best lender to meet your needs.

Many buyers are searching based on price, schools and/or commute requirements.  For the most up to date pricing and school information for the local area, take a look at the communities tab built into my website.  When it's time to view properties I can also acquaint you with many of the local hidden gems and amenities in the area.


Once you and I have completed our initial consultation and after you've consulted with your lender, it is time for the exciting part - to start looking for homes!  My listing alert program is going to be an important part of this process – when it shows you a property you would like to view, you can request showings instantly with a click of a button.

Some buyers find their perfect home on the first tour, and some buyers take a little more time to see enough homes to create the picture of an ideal home. I will work with you during this time to help you keep on track with your goals for a home.   I believe it is important to discuss how the home fits into your life and what you are looking to accomplish before preparing an offer.


Once you find the home that is right for you, I will assist you in preparing an offer.  I will help you determine a price by reviewing the sale prices of similar homes. Then we’ll look at the condition of the home, the disclosures provided, and your financial capabilities, and discuss an offer strategy for the property. Often times there will be a counter offer or other negotiations before your offer is accepted.  I will counsel you throughout this process, and make sure you don't exceed your price limit for the home.


When the seller accepts your offer, you will be in contract and the escrow period will begin.  During this time, I will coordinate any inspections and reports that may be needed for completion of the sale.  If any repairs are needed, I will represent you on these and will work to get the best possible settlement in your favor.  This is also the time period when your loan officer will be busy gathering all the information the lender will need to prepare your loan.  The entire escrow period is usually a little over a month.  A couple days after you’ve signed your loan papers, the seller will get paid, the county will officially record the sale, and the home is yours!

The close of escrow is not the end of my service.  I’m available for as long as you need me - to discuss any details regarding your home, and also provide to vendor recommendations to make your homeownership experience an enjoyable one!

During an initial consultation, I will ask questions to help determine your specific needs for a home, and I'll use that information to develop your personalized search criteria.